Digital marketing made easy with Squarespace


Digital marketing made easy with Squarespace

Too many small and medium sized enterprises struggle with needlessly complicated, open source CMS systems, like WordPress. We think there is a better way, and that is Squarespace.


Recent Sites

We worked with the partners at Gastroenterology Healthcare Associates to completely redesign their website, which was not mobile responsive and in need of modernization. We didn’t hesitate to recommend Squarespace for the project and the result is a simple, clean and easily accessible design for their patients to find all they need about the practice.

The partners at CBT Denver were happy with the design of their current site, which was using WordPress, but they were struggling with updating the content and managing the system with freelance help. Their site was also not mobile responsive, so we recommended Squarespace to solve both issues.

Working closely with the founder of Girl Security we were able to quickly iterate on the design of this site to match her vision for the brand. The result is striking, simple, and reflective of the mission that Girl Security has.


Why Squarespace?

We’ve worked with too many small business owners who struggle to maintain their website, and I don’t just mean the technical parts of administration. Their website has become a noose around their neck instead of what it should be:

  1. The place they go to express the value their business brings to their customers and stakeholders.

  2. The place they go to build credibility and community around their organisation.

  3. The place they are found by new people who are interested in products and services like theirs.

  4. The place they convert website visitors into becoming active stakeholders, or paying customers.

Where does it go wrong then?

When an organisation chooses the platform for their website, that choice comes comes with an opportunity cost. All too often the decision is made for them by an agency or freelancer, and quite often that will be WordPress. WordPress is fantastic if you know how to use it and maintain it - unfortunately most small business owners don’t know anything about it and rely on their agency or freelancer to maintain and update it for them. At that point, the business owner has removed their website as “The place they go to…” from the points above. For more details about this subject please check out my article here.

How does Squarespace help then?


Squarespace is a fully integrated product that essentially abstracts away all of the technical aspects to building and maintaining a website. That includes some pretty important stuff, like the hosting and security of your site. That means, once your website is built you can rely on Squarespace to deal with the technical stuff, whilst you focus on adding fantastic content to your website, and delighting your customers and stakeholders.