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About Cross Digital

Learn about Cross Digital, a Squarespace Circle Member, dedicated to creating and marketing beautiful Squarespace websites for our clients.


A Squarespace Circle Member

We are proud to be a Squarespace Circle Member, a program for Squarespace professionals who are dedicated to creating beautiful Squarespace websites for their clients. As a Squarespace Circle Member company we have some special privileges on the platform which benefit our customers.

 Nick Cross, Founder of Cross Digital

Nick Cross, Founder of Cross Digital


Who are we?

We are small team of web design and digital marketing professionals dedicated to making Squarespace work for our clients. How do we do that though?

Maximize Value

Too many companies and organizations spend time on digital marketing activities with a low or negative ROI. We aim to simplify your website and digital marketing workflow to maximize the value of your website presence.

Building Brands

We believe 100% in the power of a brand, but it has to be believable and consistent. We aim to create branding assets, from logos to website graphics and beyond, that your customers and prospects can believe in and relate to.